Coatings & Colours

Our standard coating process involves the use of a high strength and durable decking system, galvanised steel (Galtube), zinc priming and polyester resin powder coating. Omnitech’s powder coating is formulated with advanced polyester resin technology and high performance pigments. This polyester coating is designed specifically to work on your play equipment where colour and gloss retention are critical, leading to durable, brighter, and more colourful play equipment. 


Standard Steel

Our standard coating process uses galvanised steel with zinc priming and a polyester resin powder top coat.

  • Best for most applications


Deluxe steel

Our Anti-Graffiti coating combined with aluminium decks and posts.

  • An inexpensive option for areas close to water

Anti Graffiti

To inhibit graffiti we apply a final clear coating to metal work, offering resistance to abrasion damage and allowing rapid removal of graffiti.

  • Best for high vandalism areas


Stainless: marine grade

Ultimate in marine protection with aluminium decks and post and all Stainless Steel metal work and fixings. 

  • Best for areas right on the water

  • Limited equipment options for Stainless Steel metal work