Shelton Reserve

Shelton Reserve has one of the latest playgrounds from Omnitech Playgrounds. Tucked into a community play area in Noble Park, this bright and colourful playspace is fantastic for children of all ages.

Featuring one of Omnitech’s Australian made extreme units with over fifteen different play activities, combining monkey bars, play panels, slides and other tradition play activities that all kids are bound to enjoy. Made from durable galvanised Australian steel and locally moulded plastics this play unit is bright, fun and made to last. The swings, seesaw, HAGS Roty spinner and animal spring riders provide platforms for a range of different play activities that will have children challenging themselves through balancing, rocking, swinging and whirling. Shelton Reserve also features one of Omnitech’s new cantilever swings. The Cantilever swing has a multi directional hanging basket seat; providing the swing with an extra dynamic twist by allowing children to spin and swing at the same time.

This new play space also incorporates many freestanding elements to work in correlation with the main play unit to provide challenging yet forgiving play activity, keeping the local community very happy.