Brunswick North West Primary School


Omnitech Playgrounds recently completed an installation for Brunswick North West Primary School where nature play was the main theme. The school wanted to provide the kids with play area that was specifically designated to nature play.

In recent years nature play has been a growing trend within the playground industry. Nature play originated in Perth, Australia in 2009, after the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) became concerned that the children of today no longer felt inspired to go outside and play. Nature play works to encourage children to get outside and play with nature elements, using their imagination and to encourage interactive play.

Omnitech installed a number of nature play tepees, totem poles and logs at the primary school. The tepees stand tall and look great. They will encourage the kids to play in and around them. While the logs and totem poles can be used to practice climbing and balancing.

Omnitech also installed some musical chimes and drums to incorporate more sensory and interactive play. We heard the kids are already loving their near nature play space and we can’t wait to install more jobs like this in the future.

Design Omnitech