Nature Play Products


Nature play, a fast-growing trend in the playground industry, originated in Perth, Australia in 2009, after the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) became concerned that the children of today no longer felt inspired to go outside and play. The DSR felt that a child’s physical boundaries had disintegrated, as a lot of children now days seem more interested in technology than playing outdoors.

Research collected indicated that playing outdoors has a significant impact on a child’s well being and that not enough time spent outdoors has been linked in childhood diabetes, depression and a diminished sense of place and community.

Within the playground industry there is a growing trend of featuring nature play elements within new play spaces. Omnitech Playground’s Nature Play equipment range meets this aesthetic.  Our range offers activities for all ages and abilities. This includes climbing rope play elements, as well as various ground level activities such as stump steppers, balance logs, notched logs, stacked logs, rustic timber stump furniture and a teepee cubby.

This equipment offers many benefits to play spaces. The randomised, yet safe placement of equipment and non-descript natural forms encourage imaginative play, which in turn encourages social interaction between users. The muted timber tones and interesting variety of textures can greatly compliment the natural surrounds.

 Nature Play is great for children of all ages, it encourages imaginative play and can help improve a child's cognitive flexibility and creativity, it can also boost confidence and improve physical capabilities. Nature play can be designed as a whole area on its own, or to fit in with your new, existing or refurbished playground area. 

 Omnitech’s nature play range meets playground standards and often utilises reclaimed and re-purposed Ironbark and Spotted Gum timber. Materials can be sanded back to reduce splintering or sharp edges. The finished product can be left natural or rough sawn. It can also be treated with stains or varnish to meet a variety of client briefs. 

At Omnitech we think it’s great how the playground industry is constantly evolving and we love that we can incorporate the nature play element amongst our playgrounds. For any questions regarding our nature play range feel free to contact us