Fleetwood Drive, Narre Warren

Fleetwood Reserve is a new garden themed playspace recently completed by Omnitech Playgrounds, for the City of Casey. Situated in Narre Warren’s southern residential area, the local community are enjoying the playspace while on walks in the open green space.  

This playground features one of Omnitech’s Australian made extreme units that incorporates nine different activities; combining climbing, sliding and balancing. Complementing the play unit are many freestanding elements that cater to varying ages and abilities. All play elements contribute to an overall garden theme. These include the ladybug and bumble bee rockers, the freestanding flower talk tubes, insect 4 way springer, overall colour scheme and scattered round soft fall rubber pads. Something unique to this playspace is the imaginative play element in the form of bug themed stickers that are hidden in various random locations to be discovered. This allows children to be able to explore the playground in a less physically demanding way.

Omnitech Playgrounds shows through this project that their in-house design team has the ability to customize equipment to fit in with local surroundings or client preferences. This is especially evident with the bug stickers and 4 way springer which can both be completely customized to resemble any animal, character or shape