Sensory Play - What is it and how does it benefit children?


Over the last 10 years the playground industry has seen the development and increase in sensory play. Sensory play can be defined as an activity that increases stimulation of a childs senses, including smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing. It facilitates exploration whilst naturally encouraging children to utilise scientific processes whilst they play which could include creating, investigating and exploring.

Research indicates that sensory play increases the connections in the brains pathways which can then lead to the increase of a child’s ability to complete more complicated learning tasks. Additionally, sensory play can increase social interactions, fine motor skills and supports language development.

Sensory play equipment has had great benefits with autistic children. The activities stimulate their brain to improve sensory processing systems. They also can improve their social skills as many of the activities encourage multiple children to participate together such as race panels and musical chimes. Similarly, sensory play can calm children down when they are feelng stressed or agitated.

One of Omnitechs sensory huts

One of Omnitechs sensory huts

Typically, sensory play is incorporated amongst traditional playground equipment to enhance the play value of the play space as well as encourage children of all different abilities to play together. Some typical sensory equipment can include interactive panels such as race and puzzle panels, sensory huts, musical chimes and drums as well as talk tubes. In some cases Nature Play equipment can be considered a form of sensory play.  

Omnitechs sensory range provides interactive play opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities. Our sensory range stimulates the three main senses touch, sound, sight as well as other senses such as body awareness and balance. Our team of in house designers are constantly looking for new ways to improve and enhance the sensory range.

Omnitechs team of in house designers can create a custom sensory hut or even space for your school or council. For any enquires about Omnitechs sensory range please contact us at

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