Keeping it local! Omnitech has been manufacturing in house for over 30 years

Omnitech playgrounds has been manufacturing playgrounds out of their own factory in West Heidelberg, Victoria for over 30 years. Even with changes in the Australian Manufacturing industry, Omnitech believes it is vital to keep production as close to home as possible to ensure that flexibility and quality control can be increased whilst lead times decrease.

Increase flexibility:

In house manufacturing creates a stronger line of communication which allows for an overall seamless production. Stronger lines of communication means that changes can be made more easily such as colours, materials and types of equipment etc. The sales team at Omnitech are constantly in contact with the production team so if required by the customer changes can easily be made at any stage of production.

Increase quality control:

In house manufacturing means that there can be tighter systems in place to monitor the standards of the product produced. Equipment can be easily tested and then changed if need be to ensure that each product is manufactured at the highest quality.

Decrease lead times:

Not having to worry about a third-party supplier means that lead times are decreased as there is no waiting period for products to be imported. Typically the lead times for imported products can be 12-14 weeks. Omnitech manufacturing in house means that the middle man supplier is cut out which reduces lead time significantly. Typically, Omnitech lead times are 6-8 weeks.

 Omnitech playgrounds is proud of their own in-house manufacturing and supports all Australian industries where possible. Owner and managing director Fred Haig believes it is essential to keep manufacturing in Australia. Its vital to support other Australian businesses who work hard to manufacture in house. With the number of Australian companies moving their manufacturing offshore each year increasing, Omnitech is determined to stay local.

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