Making a splash! Omnitech distributes splash play equipment.

Omnitech playgrounds is excited to announce that they are now the Victorian distributor of Water Splash Inc products for water splash parks. A splash park is a recreation area that has little to no standing water. This eliminates the immediate needs for lifeguards or other forms of supervision as there is a very little risk of drowning. Splash parks provide a safe and fun area for kids to play in the warmer months.


Splash parks are becoming increasingly popular as the population increases more people are moving further away from coast into rural communities. This means that there is an increased need for more play spaces that incorporate splash play so that kids can have a safe area to cool off in the warmer months.

Water Splash Inc is a company with over 15 years experiencing in designing and manufacturing of wet playground equipment. They use the latest technology in water usage management to manufacture high quality splash pad products.

Water Splash Inc puts a large emphasis on continually increasing and improving their product range through research and development. Their products have some of the strongest warranties within the industry along with an exceptional safety record. Water Splash Inc is growing rapidly and continually producing high quality splash pad products. Head to their website and check them out

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