Australian Embassy - Hanoi

Omnitech has recently finished their first major overseas Playground Project. Omnitech was lucky enough to build and design a playground for the Australian Embassy in Vietnam.  We are proud to have designed, built and installed this play space ourselves and proud of the results. Although there were set backs along the way; having to mix concrete by hand, all involved were thrilled with what Omnitech was able to accomplish.

The area features one of Omnitech’s Australian made ‘Extreme’ play units, as well as a swing, spinner (HAGS pirouette), rope nets and a fun use of rubber soft fall areas. The rubber soft fall really highlights the creativity and fun you can have with a play space; the hopscotch and organic splashes aim to inspire fantasy and imagination. This play equipment has been designed to ensure that developing children are able to extend themselves in a setting that is not only challenging, but also forgiving. With a large range of play elements, including both high and low slides and ropes this playground is suitable for children of all ages and will create a safe play area for the children who live at or visit the Embassy.

This Project was a great challenge for Omnitech and with the great results Omnitech can look forward to what other challenges our future may bring.